Gone are the days of waiting at a corner of a street with a pen and a paper clicking a counter, recording the count of cars that are using a particular junction. No today’s technology counts the cars automatically using number plate recognition and RFID tags. While there have been advances, today, building inspections happen with less smart technologies. Some organisations still use paper/Excel based systems which are a nightmare to use.

While this may still be used as they are what customers are used to, there is a significant performance gain that can be achieved by using smarter technologies that are available today with the simple to use mobile devices.

CAMS – Mobile is an iPad app that uses the technology of mobile devices to make your inspection more efficient. Not only does it help you source the cleanest data, but also to get it faster than you have been ever able to with the paper/Excel based systems.

While offering standard features such as Geo locating assets, and capturing photos of defects and inputting condition, the app also offers a wide variety of reporting features such as the tracking your work hours, performance monitoring and suggestive tips to improve your inspection quality and speed.

There is also a wide variety of features that are provided to the administration side of the inspector such as tracking the overall progress of the inspection, estimating inspection costs, standardising the output of the inspectors, pre-validating condition data and customising fields for data collection.

The collected information can then be fed to the CAMS Buildings which uses the data collected to develop Life Cycle Cost (LCC) models which can be provided to the end client.