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RMIT Explores Novel Road Asset Management Strategies


Australia has over 900,000km road network which is its largest publicly-owned infrastructure, with a replacement value between $200 and $300 billion. The government spends approximately $20 billion per year on roads and plans to invest more than $75 billion towards transport infrastructure across Australia over the next 10 years. Considering the increasing and extreme value of this important infrastructure, it is essential to manage these assets via an efficient asset management system established nationwide.

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Smarter inspections – from paper to technology

Gone are the days of waiting at a corner of a street with a pen and a paper clicking a counter, recording the count of cars that are using a particular junction. No today’s technology counts the cars automatically using number plate recognition and RFID tags. While there have been advances, today, building inspections happen with less smart technologies. Some organisations still use paper/Excel based systems which are a nightmare to use.

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Predictive analysis of building deterioration

It is known that there is a significant investment gets allocated to the development of buildings today and the cost of maintaining of those assets over their lifecycle needs to be monitored with care so that the initial budget estimates for the maintenance of these assets are not underestimated.

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Australia Postgraduate Research Awards 2012 and 2013

The deterioration prediction, risk and budget forecasting methodology and algorithms are developed as part of a research project funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) and industry partners. The partners of the project included RMIT University, Integrate Australia Pty Ltd, Municipal Association of Victoria, Brimbank City Council, Glen Eira City Council, Monash City Council, Greater Dandenong City Council, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council and Kingston City Council.

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